Smarter Fuel Vegetable Fuel Solutions

“Smarter Fuel is the fuel of the future”

Beginning with waste vegetable oil, our proprietary refining methods produce a fuel that is comparable to #2 fuel oil

Benefits include:

Greatly reduced emissions of

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Nitrogen Oxides
  • Virtually free of acid rain producing Sulfur Dioxide

Smarter Fuel may be used for many existing applications currently utilizing #2--#6 fuel oils with no or minimal modifications required!

Competitive pricing

A cost effective alternative to non-renewable highly toxic petroleum fuels.

Oil Sales and Conversion service now available in Kansas City

In our efforts to expand our network, we now have oil for sale along with collection service in Kansas City. Through a local Vegetable Fuel System Installer you can get your car converted and run it on our Smarter Fuel. More locations to come.

Now Hiring Drivers

Smarter Fuel is hiring collection drivers in the Pennsylvania and Washington DC/NOVA areas.  Some experience is preferred.  Contact if interested.

Our filtering system makes WVO as reliable as diesel fuel

Our waste vegetable oil filtering equipment removes 99.9% of all solids from WVO. Learn more about the new system at our Processed Waste Oil Sales page.

Used Equipment for Sale

Now that we have moved to a new oil processing system, we are selling some of our used equipment. We currently have about twelve 55-gallon drums with wooden cradles. Our drums are set up for solar heat, so if you need a heater, there is an extra charge. Prices are as follows:

  • Drum, Cradle and drain valve - $50
  • Drum heater and filter housing with filters - $350

Contact us to purchase.

Run any diesel engine on 100% used vegetable oil

Smarter Fuel provides conversion and fueling solutions to enable an individual or a business to run their diesel engines on 100% waste vegetable oil.

Vegetable fuel solution consulting available

Filtering problems? Homemade system not working correctly? Contact us about your project, we may be able to help.